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Salt is corrosive and it eats through metal over time. Salt can be increasingly more damaging in the long-run if not cleaned often, especially if there are existing scratches on your car. Most cars are equipped with corrosion-resistant coating, but salt can still get into metal and contribute to rust development and corrosion by accessing exterior metal through scratches, hard to see scratches and other hidden components.

The best way maintaining your cars’ exterior during the winter months is to buff/wax and polish the exterior of your car, to prevent salt from getting into hard to see scratches and to regularly wash salt off your car. We suggest you wash the exterior of your car at least once per week.
Take your car to be washed at a hand car wash business and not an automated car wash. Why? Because the hard and fast brushes on automated car washes combined with the salt on your car can increase the chances of scratches on the surface of your car.
At Parkview Hills Car Spa, we hand wash all cars and get salt off from hard-to-reach places that most conventional car wash equipment could not access. We also hand-dry car doors and locks so your car door does not freeze overnight, locking you out in the morning. In addition to that, we also have interior and exterior detailing services.
Come visit us today to wash your car and give us a call to book an appointment for an exterior buff/wax and polish to keep your car looking showroom clean.
Give us a call and book an appointment today online or by phone: 416 285 9590

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
Parkview Car Spa Team


PS. If your car looks like this, please bring it ASAP!!


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