Our Six Step Quality
Car Wash Process


  • Interior Vacuum – Thoroughly vacuum your car’s
    seats, floors, back seats and trunk.
  • Completely power spray off any excess dirt or dust
    from your car’s body and tires.
  • Apply soap and gently hand-wash your car’s exterior with soft cloth and scrub your car’s tires to take off any remaining sand, mud or other types of dirt.
  • After ensuring every inch of your car has been thoroughly hand washed from top to bottom, we will again power spray all soap and remaining dirt from your car.
  • Once your car has been fully washed, we apply hot wax for extra protection and blow dry car’s excess water.
  • Your car has now been fully cleaned and blow-dried. In this final step, we hand dry any areas of the car that is still wet, like the sides of car doors and also go through a final quality inspection to ensure your car has been thoroughly cleaned. We will ensure you always leave our car wash fully satisfied.

Extra value added services will be suggested to you by our car care specialists.